Unlinked HTML Lists of Interest Awards 1971-98

The following three unlinked lists in HTML format consist of awards issued by interest arbitrators in Wisconsin municipal sector cases prior to 1999. For interest awards issued 1999 and after, [click here]. For corresponding PDF format lists linked to the awards files, [click here].

MIA vol 1 of 1 consists of police-fire (MIA) awards dating back to 1971 issued under Secs. 111.77 and 111.70(4)(jm), Wis. Stats. [view it].

INT vol 1 of 2 and INT vol 2 of 2 consist of general employe (INT) awards issued 1978-98 under Secs. 111.70(4)(cm), Wis. Stats., and its predecessors. Vol 1 generally contains awards issued earlier in that period (Decision Numbers 16085-24009) and vol 2 generally contains awards issued later in that period (Decision Numbers 24032-29363).

Each of the lists includes the names of PDF format image+hidden text files containing each award as published by WERC on its searchable WERC Interest Award Archive CD-ROM 3-disk set. [publications order form] The listed awards are intended to parallel those distributed to WERC paper copy subscribers regarding those time periods, except that voluntary dispute resolution procedure awards have been included which were not previously distributed to subscribers, and consent awards have not been included because they do not contain a statement of the arbitrator's rationale. Voluntary dispute resolution procedure awards are listed together with all other awards of the same type (MIA or INT).

The awards are listed in ascending filename order. The filenames are based on the first five digits of the WERC decision number typically assigned when the Commission issues an order initiating arbitration. Some awards issued pursuant to voluntary dispute resolution procedures were never associated with a WERC decision number. For those cases, a decision number has been assigned during the creation of this list, consisting of four digits followed by the letter "V". The four digits assigned to such cases have been chosen to approximate those that would have been assigned to a case processed in the same general timeframe. Because WERC assigns decision numbers well before the issuance of awards, the case lists in decision number order are not in strict order of award issuance. Where WERC received more than one document associated with the arbitral resolution of a dispute, the additional documents (such as procedural rulings, interim awards, orders clarifying awards, etc.) have been included in the same list entry with the primary award itself.

Cautionary Note: While every effort has been made to provide accurate and complete lists of the interest awards issued prior to 1999, users are encouraged to notify WERC of missing or problem entries that they discover in using these lists.

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