For almost all documents, fax or e-mail filing with the WERC are acceptable alternatives to filing by (hand) delivery or mail. The Madison office fax number is (608) 243-2433. The general WERC e-mail address is Fax numbers and e-mail addresses for all WERC personnel can be found in the WERC Staff Directory.

Exceptions requiring submission in paper form include payment of a filing fee, a showing of interest supporting a representation election or referendum, and an absentee ballot.

Where the initiating party is required to pay a filing fee in labor relations cases (e.g., complaint, mediation, interest arbitration, fact-finding, grievance arbitration), the petition or service request is not opened until the filing fee is actually received at the WERC office during normal business hours, by (hand) delivery or mail.

In addition, in those State employee civil service appeal cases where a filing fee must be paid, the fee must be mailed or hand-delivered to the Commission office and received by any deadline established by the Commission.