There is a $50.00 filing fee for these types of appeals:

Appeals of examinations, recruitment, applications, certification lists, removal of names from a certification list or register or any other decision attributable to the Division of Merit Recruitment and Selection. Sec. 230.44(1)(a), Stats.

Classification appeals, including reviews of reclassification, reallocation, regrade and effective date decisions, as well as decisions about whether to keep personnel records closed to the public. Sec. 230.44(1)(b), Stats.

Grievances filed with the Commission as the final step of the State’s grievance< procedure. Sec. 230.45(1)(c), Stats.

There is No fee for the following types of appeals:

    • Discipline cases filed under Sec. 230.44(1)(c),Stats.; including appeals from demotion, layoff, suspension, discharge, reduction in base pay or reprimand in lieu of a suspension.
    • Hiring process cases filed under Sec. 230.44(1)(d), Stats., including selection decisions following the certification of eligibles, restoration and reinstatement decisions.
    • Noncompetitive appointments of certain disabled veterans. These cases are filed under Sec. 230.44(1)(dm), Stats.
    • Discharges of certain corrections employees. These cases are filed under Sec. 230.44(1)(f), Stats.
    • Department of Health Services decisions affecting Milwaukee County employees. Sec. 230.44(1)(h), Stats.
    • Department of Children and Families decisions affecting Milwaukee County employees. Sec. 230.44(1)(i), Stats.
    • Hazardous duty pay decisions appealed under Sec. 230.45(1)(d), Stats.
    • Career executive reassignment appeals under ER-MRS 30.10(2), Wis. Adm. Code.

Form of Payment where fee applies:

For those categories of state employee civil service appeals that require a fee, the fee shall be paid as follows:

      1. Pay $50.00 by submitting a money order, certified check, cashier’s check or
        bank check (but not cash, personal check, or credit card), made payable to
        the “State Treasurer of Wisconsin”.

Time period for submitting the filing fee:

If the fee does not accompany the appeal, the Commission will notify the employee of the need to provide the fee and of the deadline for paying the fee.