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Case Processing Forms Form Number Date Last
PDF File Name RTF File Name
Representation Case Forms
Petition for Election WERC-01 9/18 werc-01.pdf werc-01.rtf
Request for Annual Recertification Election WERC-01a 9/18 werc-01a.pdf werc-01a.rtf
Stipulation for Election Involving One Labor Organization WERC-02 9/18 werc-02.pdf werc-02.rtf
Stipulation for Election Involving Two Labor Organizations WERC-03 9/18 werc-03.pdf werc-03.rtf
Petition for Unit Clarification WERC-04 9/18 werc-04.pdf werc-04.rtf
Complaint Case Forms
Complaint WERC-06 9/18 werc-06.pdf werc-06.rtf
Grievance Arbitration Forms
Request for Grievance Arbitration Services or Ad Hoc
Grievance Arbitrator Panel
WERC-24 9/18 werc-24.pdf werc-24.rtf
Ad Hoc Roster Forms
Ad Hoc Grievance Arbitrator’s Fee and Expense Report WERC Ad Hoc-07 9/18 werc-ah07.pdf werc-ah07.rtf
Ad Hoc Interest Arbitrator’s Fee and Expense Report —
§ 111.70(4)(cg), Stats.
WERC Ad Hoc-25 9/18 werc-ah25.pdf werc-ah25.rtf
Ad Hoc Interest Arbitrator’s Fee and Expense Report —
§ 111.77, Stats.
WERC Ad Hoc-24 9/18 werc-ah24.pdf werc-ah24.rtf
Ad Hoc Arbitrator’s Biographical Information Sheet WERC Ad Hoc-02 9/18 werc-ah02.pdf werc-ah02.rtf
Ad Hoc Interest Arbitrator Subpoena WERC Ad Hoc-27 9/18 werc-ah27.pdf werc-ah27.rtf
Ad Hoc Arbitrator Notice of Public Meeting WERC Ad Hoc-26 9/18 werc-ah26.pdf werc-ah26.rtf
Impartial Hearing Officer Form
Request for Impartial Hearing Officer WERC-26 9/18 werc-26.pdf werc-26.rtf
Contract Bargaining Forms
Notice of Commencement of Bargaining WERC-08 9/18 werc-08.pdf werc-08.rtf
Mediation Case Forms
Request to Initiate Mediation Services WERC-25 9/18 werc-25.pdf werc-25.rtf
Interest Arbitration Case Forms
Petition for Interest Arbitration WERC-05 9/18 werc-05.pdf werc-05.rtf
Petition for Police-Fire Municipal Interest Arbitration WERC-14 9/18 werc-14.pdf werc-14.rtf
Petition for City of Milwaukee Police Interest Arbitration WERC-15 9/18 werc-15.pdf werc-15.rtf
Fact Finding Case Forms
Petition for Fact Finding (Municipal) WERC-21 9/18 werc-21.pdf werc-21.rtf
Joint Petition for Fact Finding (State) WERC-20 9/18 werc-20.pdf werc-20.rtf<
Union Security Referendum Case Forms
Petition for Referendum Re-Continuation of Fair Share
WERC-09 9/18 werc-09.pdf werc-09.rtf
Petition for Referendum Authorizing Fair Share or
Maintenance of Membership Agreement (State)
WERC-13 9/18 werc-13.pdf werc-13.rtf
Petition for Referendum Re-Continuation of Fair Share or
Maintenance of Membership Agreement (State)
WERC-12 9/18 werc-12.pdf werc-12.rtf