The WERC website provides several methods for accessing decisions issued in State civil service (PA) appeals, whether those decisions were issued by the WERC, agencies that previously held the responsibility to hear these cases, or reviewing courts.

This page provides links to summaries of those decisions.  The summaries were created by WERC Staff Attorney Kurt Stege; While every effort has been made to accurately summarize the underlying decisions, the contents of the summaries are not to be construed as official rulings of the WERC, the former State Personnel Commission, or the reviewing courts.

1.         The WERC received jurisdiction over PA appeals in 2003. To access a table listing all substantive decisions issued from 2003 to 2012 and the key topics addressed in those decisions, whether issued by the Commission or a reviewing court, [click here].

2.         From 1978 until it was abolished in 2003, jurisdiction over PA appeals rested with the State Personnel Commission. (Caution: The Personnel Commission’s authority extended beyond PA cases, so the case summaries of Personnel Commission decisions include many references that are unrelated to PA cases.)

A.        For key topics addressed in the Personnel Commission’s substantive decisions issued from 1999 to 2001, [click here].

B.        All substantive decisions issued from 1978 until March of 1999 by the Personnel Commission (and by courts reviewing those decisions) are summarized in a Digest of Decisions. To access the Personnel Commission Digest, [click here].