Listed below are the members of the WERC Ad Hoc Roster of Arbitrators and Fact Finders. These individuals are not employed by the WERC. Roster members serve as grievance arbitrators, fact finders and interest arbitrators when selected from lists supplied by the WERC, billing their fees and expenses to the parties involved in those cases. Roster members are required to bill parties in accord with the fee and expense policies disclosed on the biographical and fee statement submitted by the roster member to the WERC.



Name Location Bio
Susan J. M. Bauman  Madison, WI  View Bio
Howard S. Bellman Madison, WI  View Bio 
Irving Brotslaw
Milwaukee, WI
View Bio
Ira S. Epstein  Mequon, WI  View Bio 
Sharon A. Gallagher  Milwaukee, WI  View Bio 
Amedeo A. Greco  Madison, WI  View Bio 
Jay E. Grenig  Delafield, WI
View Bio
Jerry L. Hetrick  Leesburg, IN  View Bio 
Marvin F. Hill, Jr.  DeKalb, IL  View Bio 
Steven G. Hoffmeyer Coon Rapids, MN  View Bio
Jeffrey W. Jacobs  Minneapolis, MN  View Bio 
Raleigh E. Jones  Madison, WI  View Bio
Douglas V. Knudson  Middleton, WI  View Bio
Edward B. Krinsky  Middleton, WI  View Bio 
Martin H. Malin Chicago, IL View Bio
Dennis P. McGilligan Madison, WI View Bio 
Stanley H. Michelstetter II Sun Prairie, WI    View Bio
Richard John Miller Maple Grove, MN View Bio 
Andrew M. Roberts  Madison, WI  View Bio 
William K. Strycker  Waunakee, WI  View Bio 
Herman Torosian  Madison, WI  View Bio 
Christine D. Ver Ploeg  St. Paul, MN  View Bio 
Jeffrey B. Winton Chicago, IL View Bio
Michael A. Wojcik Sugar Grove, IL  View Bio
Jacalyn J. Zimmerman  Lake Bluff, IL  View Bio